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Pillar Bergamot & Myrtle   560 g

The eco-art of the atmosphere


The pillar Bergamot & Myrtle is made entirely by hand and ensures 60 hours of light, thanks to its natural raw materials such as vegetable stearin and beeswax from small local farms in the Canary Islands.


An entirely sustainable product that also promotes the circular economy, with its leather labels, obtained from waste from the meat industry.

This pillar is our highest result in terms of values, ​​linked to respect for the planet, for the territory in which we produce and for the working environment that allows us to develop these splendid products manufactured goods. The sustainable chain does not only concern us as a company, but also our customers who we invite, through our products, to enjoy the ritual of Slow Living, the passion for small things, the meditation, self-celebration, sustainability.


We invite you to celebrate yourself and treat your inner harmony by lighting this amazing scented pillar.

Pillar Bergamot & Myrtle 560 g

  • This product comes with a decorative candle holder tray.

  • Complimentary Gift

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