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Scent Branding

We will enable you to communicate through fragrances. We can design, for you, a selection of essences to convey the mood of your brand, whether that be in a space, or for an event. Perfume becomes the media that promotes your message. We work across osmotic room perfumes through to hidden electronic fragrance diffusers for hotels, boutiques and large spaces. 

The range of clients we can work with includes:

- Hotels

- Spas and wellness Centers

- Gyms

- Showrooms, boutiques and department stores

- Museums and public offices

- Medical centers

- Automotive

Custom Fragrance Design, Development and Strategy

Among our olfactory services, we can also work with your brand in the creation of tailor-made fragrances, developed to be applied to the most exclusive clothes. The gentle formulation we develop is suitable for delicate fabrics such as cashmere, silk, brocade and leather, for a fragrant allure that lasts for a long time.

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