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The Canarian niche perfume house

A modern perfume workshop with an ancient soul.  Selected raw materials, artisanal manufacturing processes.

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Layering by Maison Label

A gallery of lively fragrances designed to be combined.

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From perfumes and toiletries

to room fragrances

and scented candles.

A refined bouquet of fragrances.

Maison Label is characterized by Italian artisanal flair and a vibrant character which is typical of the Canary Islands. 

Artisanal craftsmanship with a modern vibe.

The collection of perfumes by Maison Label is a gallery of lively fragrances. The collection will appeal to those who appreciate rare raw materials and who desire the unique opportunity to personalize their own experience by combining fragrances from the collection. 

Choose your own singular perfume or select more than one to be layered.


Layering is a way for you to become part of the final scent: overlap two or more fragrances and balance them according to what feeling you would like to be predominant on your skin.


Change the mixture daily, to vary the experience, or keep it the same to develop your own signature scent.

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The ethics of design and craftsmanship


At Maison Label we endorse the Japanese philosophy of Kaizen: constant improvement of products and processes. For this reason, batch after batch, our goal is to make our products more beautiful, constructive and emotional for our customers, perfect in terms of process and respectful of the resources of our planet.

Our products are entirely made in the artisan workshop in Tenerife, in the Canary Islands, where we take care of the formulation, creation, packaging and labeling of each single piece. 

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Everything happens in a working atmosphere where human heritage and emotion are at the center of production, where everyone adds part of themselves to every single product.


We draw inspiration from the beauty of nature and the tradition of the European high artisanal perfumery at the beginning of the 20th century.


As a perfume house of Italian origin, we constantly aim for the beautiful and the well-made, with the addition of the wonderful exotic and vibrant touch, typical of the Canary Islands. 


We invite you to celebrate yourself and treat your inner harmony by using our Maison Label Home Collection.

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